Mr.Rofiqul Islam Babu

The Chairman of the General Agrovet Limited
Company is a Yang entrepreneur of Agro industrial Sector. As
well as he is the Chairman of Agragami Agro Industries
Limited from 2020.

The Managing Director of the Company is a Producer, whole seller and retailer
of the Fish Feed, Poultry Feed, and Cattle Feed. He is a Importer, Whole Seller
& retailer of Feed Medicine 6 years. He has been running their business with
good market reputation. During their trading and agro industries business
period, He has created a good marketing network upon utilizing his experience.
Before starting the business, he worked in different leading agro industries
Business Company like ACI Animal Health, CP Bangladesh etc. He has
gathered a lot of experience in feed marketing & Fish Hatchery during service
He has completed Master of Science (MS in Fisheries Management) from
Bangladesh Agricultural University & B.Sc Fisheries (Hon’s) from Sylhet
Agricultural University.
His enthusiasm for excelling, harvesting, and cultivating innovation has roped
in professionals from different fields to join the business and articulate their
talents to transcending lengths.

He looks after the overall business affairs and administration of the
Procurement, Production, Marketing and also providing all required logistic
supports. Besides, Chairman & Other Director, well experienced recruited
personnel will assist him to run the management and operation of the present & Upcoming project.

The management of the company has achieved well experience on Feed
manufacturing & Marketing from their rental feed mill factory which is situated
on Ishurdi Pabna. So they will achieve their goal adopting previous experience.
Their concern firms:
a. General Agrovet Limited
b. Agrogami Agro Industries Ltd.