Dear Visitor,
Warm Greetings from General Agrovet Ltd.
Our passion for good food and beverage has driven us forward for over 30 years since we have established one of the best country’s tea garden and tea brand. Our venture into food and beverage industry was also driven that economies of Bangladesh are expanding at a very rapid rate, with enlarging middle class communities and increasing disposable income.
In a fast growing Bangladesh we have recognized the need for packaged snack food of good quality and at affordable pack size and price. We also believe eating well should not be the only privilege of the more affluent class rather it should be open to all.
Healthy choice products are the result of our continuous search for exception taste. Savor the taste every time you use it.
In line with our philosophy “Innovation, Quality, affordable and Hygienic food for all’’, we work hard and excel to bring the right talents and resources in our organization to serve our customers. Our focus is always directed towards our consumers to offer the highest quality, value for money options and strive for their satisfaction.
Food safety has always been at the center of our day-to-day operations and that will continue. 
Our snack food range,” Mojar” is a favorite for kids and adults alike. I’m proud to say that our range of flavors is getting widely popular!  Our ingredients are carefully selected from all over the world, making sure we get the best flavor straight from the best source.
Please let us know what you think of our products, or let us know what products you think we should add to our line-up. We welcome your comments and suggestions!
Thank you for visiting; we invite you to try our products.