About Us



GENERAL Agrovet started their Journey Since 2005. First it was named B-Aqua Tech Ltd. Then Jointly 2Person renamed GENERAL Agrovet Ltd. Now This company has started AQUA, POULTRY and DAIRY medicine repacking Business from 2010.

They are manufacturing Aqua, Poultry and Dairy Feed. The best quality product maintain by the Nutritionallist and Experienced chemist.

Goal of General Agrovet Ltd:

  1. Maintain Good Quality Product
  2. Support AQUA, DAIRY and POULTRY products in a low price to the Farmer
  3. Create Job Opportunity for new generation
  4. Enhance Farmers income
  5. Create Demand by exporting Agricultural Product
  6. Met up the demand of Protein in Bangladesh
  7. Inspiring the new generation for AQUA, DAIRY and POULTRY Business
  8.  Innovative Product Promoting and enhancing Production of FISH, DAIRY and POULTRY
  9. Ensure Personal Benefits of The Employees
  10. Achieve the height position of Bangladesh FISH, DAIRY and POULTRY production over the world